Disney+ Releases New Documentary Series Centering on the Women of the MCU

Just in time for International Women's Day, Disney+ and Marvel Studios released today a new four-part documentary series centering on the women of the MCU titled MPower. Zoe Saldaña, who plays Gamora and the focus of the fourth episode, serves as one of the executive producers of the series.

"MPower is a tribute to women's representation and empowerment. We’re enthused to have the involvement of a diverse group of women whose voices and stories will serve as a source of inspiration. Our hope is that this series will ignite meaningful conversations and drive real change towards a more equal and inclusive world," the actress said.

The series will feature Gamora, Carol Danvers, Scarlet Witch, and the women of Black Panther. It unpacks their journey from their birth in Marvel Comics to the MCU and beyond. Archival footage, imaginative animation, and candid interviews work in tandem to profile how the characters and the women behind their success have impacted fans around the world.

You can check the trailer here:

"Every hero has an epic origin story and so does this series. When I conceived MPower, I did it out of love for my teen daughter so she would have more icons to look up to, voices to learn from, and role models to help her impact the world," executive producer Justin W. Hochberg said.

"Today, that vision is now a reality thanks to Brie Larsen, Elizabeth Olsen, the women of Wakanda, and, Zoë Saldaña, whose leadership was ‘Mpowering,’"

This is certainly a great surprise for MCU fans since the documentary series was never announced previously. The timing is definitely perfect for the day since it is International Women's Day. There is no doubt that the female MCU characters have been impactful to global fans and they are worth celebrating.

The series is directed by Quinn Wilson, and executive produced by Saldaña, Hochberg, Victoria Alonso, Mark Herzog, Andie Beckerman, Cisely Saldaña, Mariel Saldaña, Lauren Moore Morden, Jeff Redmond, and Sarah Girgis.

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All four episodes of MPower are available to stream on Disney+.

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