Disney+ and Lucasfilm Developing Indiana Jones TV Series

Harrison Ford is set to make his much-awaited return as Indiana Jones in the upcoming fifth film that is set to release next year. While it was already clear that it will be the iconic actor's last outing as the character, it looks like Lucasfilm has plans to explore the franchise even further as they are now planning to head to the small screen again.

Variety has reported that Disney+ and Lucasfilm are developing an Indiana Jones TV series. It is unknown yet whether it will be a prequel or spin-off or tied with the upcoming film. The studio is currently having general meetings with writers who might potentially spearhead the series.

Long-time fans of the franchise will know that it won't be the first time that the Indiana Jones franchise ventured to the small scenes. The first series was The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles which aired from 1992 to 1993 and only lasted two seasons. The titular character was played by different actors, but Ford appeared in one episode.

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The report also indicated Disney has been exploring options to expand the franchise even further which is why this series is being developed. There is potential that they'll also venture into different kinds of media whether it's more films or series.

It is interesting to hear that they are developing another Indiana Jones series. Since there is no writer or story set yet, it is hard to tell whether this project could work out although it's not surprising that Lucasfilm is exploring it since the franchise is considered too valuable to just make a one-off film.

There are a lot of ideas that the studio can explore in terms of an Indiana Jones series whether it's another take on the character's younger years or a spin-off series centering on a beloved supporting character in the franchise like Short Round, Sallah, or someone that will be introduced in the fifth film. Let's just wait and see for more updates in the near future regarding the project.

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For now, you can anticipate the fifth Indiana Jones film which is slated for release in theaters on June 30, 2023.

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