Disney Might Delay Black Widow Release Date Following Wonder Woman 1984 Pushback

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In case you missed it, Warner Bros. has decided to delay Wonder Woman 1984 yet again, pushing the DC Extended Universe flick to premiere in December. But could this also affect another comic book movie? There are speculations that the pushback could lead to Disney choosing to move the release of Black Widow as well.

It was previously reported that Wonder Woman 1984 will be moved to a later release date during the holidays. The decision was influenced by the uncertainty of the number of theaters that will be open in time for the movie's premiere in October due to COVID-19. Although it seems safer for the Gal Gadot film to be released in December, the decision has also led to concerns about what would happen to Black Widow.

So what are the chances that Disney and Marvel Studios will choose to push the Scarlett Johansson movie to a later date? For now, there hasn't been any update from the studios, suggesting that they are fairly confident with the current date. On the other hand, the COVID-19 cases are still coming in great numbers and it is unlikely that there will be more cinemas opening in November.

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Credit: Warner Bros.

But what are the options for Black Widow? It's possible that Disney may choose to release the film in locations where theaters are open this November and offering an option for a digital release similar to Mulan. This way, the move wouldn't be necessary. However, it is important to point out that the studio has not yet released a statement about a possible pushback.

Black Widow is scheduled for release on November 6. Wonder Woman 1984 will hit theaters on December 25.

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