Disney is Saving a Lot of Money by Not Having Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot

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After five films, two of which can be considered good, Disney shocked fans when reports of a Pirates of the Caribbean reboot from the writers of Deadpool and Zombieland. What's more, it will not involve Johnny Depp, the man who made Captain Jack Sparrow a household name, which was both surprising and unsurprising. Surprising because Depp is the face of the series and unsurprising, given the amount of controversy that has followed the actor since his troubles with Amber Heard were brought to light.

While most of us thought Depp wouldn't be in it due to his personal life, that may not be the only reason why Disney is dropping the actor from the franchise. Apparently, the company will be saving a lot of money by not having Depp involved in the movie. How much money you may ask? $90 million.


Forbes reported on the fact that not having Johnny Depp isn't just a way to give the franchise a creative refresh but to save on money. The $90 million probably made sense when Depp was a big star and his movies were beloved but after a number of box office bombs, it looks like Depp has lost his value. Add the fact that Dead Men Tell No Tales brought the lowest domestic returns in the franchise and it's easy to see why Depp walked the plank.

Depp recently appeared in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald as the titular villain, which made money but was controversial to many due to Depp's presence. The Harry Potter franchise made itself anti-abuse from day one so having a documented one on it was a bit troubling, to say the least.

No release date for the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot has been announced.

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