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Disney is now Developing a Live-Action Rapunzel Film

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Disney has found yet another classic story to turn into a film. A new report reveals that the House of Mouse is currently developing a live-action movie that will focus on Rapunzel. However, it is still unclear if it will be a remake of the animated hit Tangled.

The report comes from TheDisneyInsider which confirms that Disney has already called on The Nutcracker and The Four Realms screenwriter Ashleigh Powell to work on the script for the Rapunzel film. So far, Powell is the only name attached to the project since the movie is still in its early development stages. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

It's no surprise that Disney is already preparing to bring Rapunzel back to the big screen. After all, the current trend in the House of Mouse has been live-action adaptations of animated classics. In addition to that, the 2010 film Tangled proved to be a major hit for the studio. Those two factors alone should be enough for Disney to consider a new Rapunzel movie.

But will the upcoming film turn out to be an adaptation of Tangled? That important detail has not yet been confirmed by Disney. Nevertheless, we wouldn't be shocked if this is the direction that the studio wants to take with the movie.

Tangled is based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale where a young woman is kept in a tower by a sorceress as punishment for the girl's parents. The girl is forced to grow her hair so the sorceress can climb up the tower and her future seems bleak until she is discovered by a prince.

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