Disney Developing Live-Action Hercules

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The Disney live-action train continues to chug, and after The Little Mermaid, Disney has found their next Renaissance film to adapt to the big screen.

According to The DisInsider, Disney has tapped producers Jeffery Silver and Karen Gilchrist to produce a live-action adaptation of Hercules. Unlike Lady and the Tamp and Lilo & Stitch, the movie is aiming for a theatrical release and we should expect it to be a spectacle.

Unlike the recent adaptation of Mulan which also threw out the musical element of the film, Hercules will feature the songs from the original movie, and it's possible that new numbers could be added as well. Personally, I think it's a great that Disney is embracing the musical element, seeing that we just got a Hercules film back in 2014 with the Rock.

No director has been attached to the film yet, but Disney is said to be looking at Jon Favreau, Gore Verbinski, and the Russo Brothers. With Favreau already having two Disney adaptations under his belt, I would love for someone else to take a chance on the movie. Verbinski had launched the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and I think he has a good hand in making Hercules feel as epic as it could be.

As for actors, I would love for James Woods to reprise the role of Hades for the movie. His sarcastic Lord of the Dead is my favorite Disney villain, and Woods has always been enthusiastic about reprising the part. I would also loved for Danny DeVito to reprise the role of Herc's trainer Phil.

No release date has been set for Hercules, but I have a feeling a 2023 release window is realistic.

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