Disney Chief Trashes Star Wars' Solo: 'A Little Disappointing'

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Credit: Lucasfilm
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It goes without saying that 2018's Solo: A Star Wars Story wasn't everyone's cup of tea but over the years, fans have grown to appreciate the prequel flick that puts the spotlight on one of the pillars of the saga. Turns out, even Disney wasn't happy with the reception the film ended up getting and Bob Chapek isn't afraid to admit that he was disappointed by it.

Credit: Lucasfilm

Speaking at a Morgan Stanley conference (via The Hollywood Reporter), the Disney CEO who made his triumphant return last year trashed the Alden Ehrenreich-led film, admitting that it didn't live up to the success of the sequel trilogy. He said: "Star Wars, we made three what we called saga films, which is obviously the successors to George Lucas’ first six. They did very well at the box office — tremendously well as a matter of fact. We’ve made two so-called stand-alones in Rogue One and Solo. Rogue One did quite well, Solo was a little disappointing to us."

Iger added that the House of Mouse is taking a different approach with Star Wars' film slate which was quite hostile under Bob Chapek's regime. He continued: "It gave us pause just to think maybe the cadence was a little too aggressive. And so we decided to pull back a bit. We still are developing Star Wars films. We’re going to make sure that when we make one, that it’s the right one, so we are being very careful there."

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I don't know about you but Iger's remark is quite indicative of Solo's future in the franchise. For years, fans have been clamoring for it to be given a second go, and even director Ron Howard is interested in doing a sequel but it's safe to assume it's not happening.

Meanwhile, Star Wars' return to the big screen is expected to take place in 2025.