Disney CEO Isn’t Concerned About Having Fewer Movie-Visitors After COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the entertainment industry. Not only has the novel coronavirus outbreak forced studios to cease the production of major film and television projects, but it has also forced cinemas to shut down, delaying the release of highly anticipated films like Black Widow, Mulan, and Wonder Woman 1984.

While there have been major concerns about cinemas reopening this summer, Disney CEO Bob Chapek doesn't believe that movie attendance will be adversely impacted in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Speaking in an interview with CNBC, Chapek was asked whether Disney had any concerns when it came to the wariness of movie-goers returning to cinemas after the novel coronavirus outbreak. It seems like the new CEO of the House of Mouse is keeping a positive mindset despite all the potential issues that may arise when cinemas begin reopening.

"If you think about the occupancy of a movie theater, Monday through Friday afternoon, you know, 25 percent is about what you'd get," Chapek told CNBC, "It only really becomes an issue on Friday night and Saturday night and, to a lesser extent, on Sunday night. So it really doesn't push the limits of what would typically be seen as occupancy inside movie theaters until you get to those weekend evenings, and in that particular case, I think that can be managed. That's really gonna be up to our exhibitors that we partner with."

It seems like Disney is trying to keep a positive state of mind in preparation for the release of Mulan in July. While we can't be entirely sure when the COVID-19 lockdown will end, Mulan remains scheduled to premiere on July 24.

If the US government really does lift the lockdown and cinemas finally reopen, Mulan will be the first-ever Disney film to debut after COVID-19.

Let's wait and see whether the film gets to premiere in July or whether Disney will be forced to push back the movie to a later date.

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