Disney CEO Bob Iger On The Decision To Have Netflix Ads Banned

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Disney is launching its own streaming site next month and the Mickey Mouse House has been trying its best to make sure that Disney+ becomes a success. Not only has the company been allocating serious money in the development of the upcoming Marvel and Star Wars series meant for the site, but it's also made a few major business decisions to cement its position in the streaming service industry.

While the Mickey Mouse House is allowing its competitors in the streaming game like Apple, NBC, and Warner Brothers the opportunity to buy ads from Disney Networks, Netflix isn't exactly allowed to do the same thing. This shouldn't be really a surprise given the relationship between the two companies, but Disney CEO Bob Iger has an explanation behind the decision.

Speaking at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit (via The Wall Street Journal), Iger decided to explain why Disney was against selling ads to Netflix. According to the Disney head honcho, he didn't personally have anything with the decision not to sell ads to Netflix, and he wasn't a really big fan of the idea at first.

However, it seems like the Advertising Division over at Disney had a pretty good reason behind the decision.

"My initial reaction was that it felt somewhat petty, but when it was described to me, I decided to support the decision that was made," Iger said.

It seems like Disney doesn't really want to market things with a company in direct competition against its upcoming streaming site – sure Apple and Amazon also have streaming platforms, but it can be argued that both companies offer market products beyond the entertainment industry.


Disney's upcoming streaming site, Disney+, launches on November 12, 2019.

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