Disney Bans The LA Times From Its Advanced Screenings Because Of Investigative Article

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It looks like Disney has decided to ban the Los Angeles Times from attending its movie's advanced screenings because of an article that put the Mickey Mouse House in bad light back in September.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Disney had stopped offering the publication an invite to its advance screenings, saying that it had done "unfair coverage" of its (Disney's) business ties with Anaheim. The article in question stipulated that Disney Parks and Resorts wasn't paying its dues to the city, saying that the company is seeing its first major opposition from the city council and from the mayor in its 62-year history with the city for a number of reasons.


One of the issues cited by The Times is a story where Disney charges $20 for each vehicle entering the city-owned parking garages being used for its resorts even though Anaheim only leases the garage to the company for just $1 a year.

According to Screen Rant, the Disney refuted the paper, saying that "Disneyland Resort has played a pivotal role in Anaheim as a job creator and economic engine."

Now while Disney's decision doesn't really affect other media outlets, it is a cause for concern. Sure the company might not be paying critics, but banning The LA Times, one of the oldest and most respected publications in the country, just because it reported an investigative piece about its problems with Anaheim, is certainly worrying. Does this mean that Disney will keep blacklisting publications because of writing negatively against the company?

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