Director Taika Waititi Filled In For Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk In Thor: Ragnarok

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Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi certainly has his work cut out for him.

Not only did the New Zealand filmmaker helm the exciting new installment in the Thor trilogy, it seems like he also had to fill in for Mark Ruffalo and play Hulk when the Marvel star wasn't around to shoot his parts anymore.

Speaking with Collider during a set visit, the director decided to open up about the extra things he does on Thor: Ragnarok.


"I'm playing one of the Planet Hulk characters: Korg, who's a Kronan and a bit bigger than me. It's all mo-cap. And often, since Mark [Ruffalo's] no longer here, I'll often jump in for Hulk's stuff. We have stand-ins, but they're not actors and they don't have timing so I'll jump in for those things."

It might seem like Waititi's doing a lot of work covering for Ruffalo, but seeing how the director's already playing a mo-cap Kronan character named Korg, it's pretty understandable how the filmmaker could easily stand in for the Marvel star. Not only is Waititi a director, but he's an actor as well, and he's done a lot of cameo scenes in his film's before.

He's appeared in most of his films including Hunt for the Wilderpeople and the wacky vampire mocumentary, What We Do In The Shadows.

Thor: Ragnarok hits cinemas November 3, 2017.

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