09 Jul 2017 5:29 PM +00:00 UTC

Director Ron Howard Teases The Han Solo Editing Room

Though it may have been the most trending topic a few weeks ago, news on the Han Solo director-firing has started dying down, and it looks like production is once again running smoothly. New director Ron Howard may not be allowed to share whatever he wants online, but he at least gives us a tease on the editing room.

Check it out:

With Phil Lord and Chris Miller getting fired with only three weeks left into production, fans have wondered if Howard will have to work on the Han Solo movie from the ground up. Good thing is, Howard says that the material that Lord and Miller have is "very usable," and it looks like it won't be delaying anything from production.


I guess the only problem is finding the proper tone for the movie. Lord and Miller were said to have been fired because they preferred to make the movie in their own comedic style whereas Kathleen Kennedy and writer Lawrence Kasdan wanted to stick closely to the script. Hopefully Ron Howard will deliver the movie we all want.

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to come out May 25, 2018.

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