Did The Magic: The Gathering Head Designer Just Confirm The Return of Faeries?

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Wizards of the Coast/ Bitterblossom art by Jesper Ejsing

Faeries, one of the beloved tribal creatures of Magic: The Gathering, might be returning soon, and it looks like the Magic head designer Mark Rosewater just confirmed their return on his Blogatog. When a fan asked Rosewater to tell him something interesting about "Magic's greatest tribe", the senior designer gave a surprising answer.

"In the last three months, I've been in a playtest with Faeries," Rosewater wrote.


Of course, this isn't Wizards of the Coast's official confirmation that Faeries will make a comeback anytime soon but hearing it from Rosewater himself is a good sign that they will be releasing some new Faerie cards soon. Could his response also hint the return to the Lorwyn plane? After all, many fans have been hoping for Magic to return to the tribal-focused plane in a future set.

It's good to know that Rosewater and the rest of the play design team are testing Faeries. The Faeries back in Lorywn block were pretty overpowered and I'm sure they don't want them to break the game again.

Are you excited for the return of Faeries?

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