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Did Prince Harry Turn Out to Be Prince William’s Hitman Instead of Wingman? Here’s What the Expert Says

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Prince Harry and Prince William were very close growing up. However, Princess Diana's two sons have grown apart in the past years, and according to her biographer, even the late royal wanted her youngest son to support his older brother.

Princess Diana Wanted Prince Harry To Be Prince William's Wingman, Biographer Claims

The late Princess of Wales had worked hard to give her sons a normal childhood. She even took them to McDonald's for toys.

Prince William and Prince Harry maintained their close bond growing up even after the former married Kate Middleton. The Duke of Sussex was even dubbed the Prince and Princess of Wales' third wheel because the three of them were inseparable. Some dubbed them the royal trio.

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However, things changed after Prince Harry married Meghan Markle. The public expected the royal trio to become a fab four, but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to have a separate household from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Eventually, the Sussexes stepped back from their royal duties and moved to California.

Princess Diana's biographer Andrew Morton weighed in on Prince Harry's decision and how it would have affected their mom. According to him, their mom would want his two sons to stick together, suggesting that their current state wasn't what she wanted for them.

"Diana always expected Harry to be a wingman to William, not a hitman, so it will be interesting to see how the book is received inside the Royal Family," Morton told TIME magazine, per Express.

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Prince William Couldn't Forgive Prince Harry For Stepping Back From Royal Duties?

Vanity Fair royal correspondent Katie Nicholl claimed that the Duke of Cambridge hasn't come to terms with his younger sibling's decision to abandon his royal duties. The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth's Legacy and the Future of the Crown author shared believed that Prince William couldn't "completely forgive" Prince Harry due to his expectations that the latter would be there to support him all the way to his reign.

"[When Harry stepped back from his royal duties], it was very difficult for William, and I think that's partly why this rift hasn't been resolved, because, you know, William can't completely forgive Harry for what he's done," Nicholl told Us Weekly.

"I think William had always expected that he would have the support of his brother. And I think it wasn't just that Harry had chosen to leave and to stand down. I think a lot of it was how he chose to do that and what William saw as [a] great disrespect to the institution and to his, to his family, to his grandmother."

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Monarchy Will Survive Prince Harry's Memoir Spare, According To Princess Diana's Biographer

Many taunted Prince Harry's memoir titled Spare "unflinching." According to experts, the title alone speaks volumes of what the contents will be — that it will damage the firm.

Morton said that he would read Prince Harry's memoir when it is available. He also argued that the Duke of Sussex "has every right" to outline his experiences within the royal institution.

However, he believed that it would not end the institution. He drew parallels between Prince Harry and The Duke of Windsor or Edward VIII, who also released a memoir after abdicating the throne in 1936. Morton said that the monarchy "had survived many things, and it will certainly survive Spare."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry and Prince William.

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