28 Mar 2018 10:58 AM +00:00 UTC

Did Goku Really Master Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power pushed its fighters to their limits, especially Goku, who was able to achieve Ultra Instinct and master it in just less than 30 minutes. That's pretty incredible even if he had to suffer the power-up's after-effects during his fight with Jiren. However, even if Whis told Beerus that he has mastered the form, it looks like the hero wasn't able to master it after all.

In the finale of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta ended up sparring in the end, and it was during that moment that Goku revealed that he couldn't unlock his Ultra Instinct form again. Since he couldn't do it at will, fans like translator Todd Blankenship questioned if he really mastered the Ultra Instinct form if he can't even become Ultra Instinct at will.

While the Saiyans were sparring, Vegeta provoked Goku into Ultra Instinct, but Goku admits that he just couldn't do it. "Hey," the Vegeta said, "What happened to your Ultra Instinct?"


"I can't do it," Goku said. "I guess I was pushed to the edge in the tournament and did it accidentally!"

Unlike Super Saiyan Blue or his less powerful forms, it looks like Ultra Instinct is beyond Goku's grasp. Maybe Goku still hasn't reached the level to bring out his Ultra Instinct form at will. As seen near the end of the Tournament, the powerful form clearly has limitations. He can't hold the form for too long, especially against powerful opponents like Jiren.

Perhaps we'll see Goku's "mastered" Ultra Instinct form again in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super film. I'm also expecting Vegeta to achieve that form too. It would be cool to see them fuse in their Ultra Instinct forms. An Ultra Instinct Vegito would be crazy powerful, and that's what they might have to do when it comes to fighting the new Saiyan villain in the movie.

Would you like to see Goku achieve his Ultra Instinct form again? Do you think Vegeta will become powerful enough to unlock that form as well?

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