Dexter: New Blood: Which Dead Character Reappeared in Episode 6?

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Dexter: New Blood has already established a number of mysteries with its new Iron Lake characters, particularly the background of Angela's best friend Iris, the identity of Audrey's biological parents, how Kurt became the Runaway Killer, and why he embalms his victims' bodies – all in six episodes.

Episode 6 is a lot to take in, but eagle-eyed fans spotted a rather familiar face, a fan favorite in the original series that fans have long wanted in the revival: James Doakes, played by Erik King.


Wait – Isn’t Doakes Dead?

Well, yes. Very much so, that we are sure of. However, in Dexter: New Blood Episode 6, Angela confronts Dexter about his true identity. Dexter is taken aback that she found him out, and he wonders who might have outed him.

After settling on Molly Park, he visits her website and conducts some research to see what she knows about him. He comes to find an episode about the Bay Harbor Butcher case in Miami, which reminds him of Doakes' suspicions of him.

Doakes eventually discovered Dexter was a serial killer, but Dexter kidnapped him before he could arrest him. He considered releasing Doakes and handing himself in because he didn't fit the code. Lila West, on the other hand, decided to solve the matter for him by arranging for Doakes to die in an explosion.

Despite the fact that Doakes was only seen for a brief moment in the episode, fans were overjoyed to see him.

“Even if it was for 5 seconds I loved seeing Doakes give his ‘I’m watching you, creep’ move,” one said on Reddit.

Will We See More of Doakes in New Blood?

King's reappearance comes after much speculation that he might reprise his role as the tenacious sergeant. Unfortunately, his representative has ruled out his participation in Showbiz Cheat Sheet. However, the show has also featured deceased characters such as Rita Morgan and the Trinity Killer.

What's next on New Blood? Angela now knows about Dexter, and she's using his background as a specialist to aid her in the missing person investigation. Unbeknownst to her, Dexter is already certain Kurt Caldwell is to blame. Will he, however, tell her? Is this another matter he'll solve on his own? We'll have to wait and see.