Deleted Deadpool 2 Scene has Wade Living in the X-Mansion

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Deadpool 2 arrives on Digital today, and the extended cut promises to bring us some deleted scenes and extra jokes. One scene that was released online (via IGN) has Wade Wilson living it up at the X-Mansion and trying to fit in.

Check it out:


Though it's cool to see the X-Men in action, I also like having these scenes where you can see them do their daily routines around the mansion. It's so typical that Colossus would spend a lot of his time exercising. It's also fun to watch Wader being antagonized by Negasonic Teenage Warhead just like in the first movie.

The extended edition promises to add 15 more minutes of material. Besides this scene in the X-Mansion, we're also promises an extended look at the Ice Box which has an appearance from X-Men fan favorite Omega Red.

Though it's unclear where Deadpool lies in the Fox X-Men timeline, a lot of fans have been pleased that we've been getting some more comic-accurate depictions of characters. The first one gave us a fantastic Colossus, and this second movie gave us a Juggernaut that redeemed the one from X-Men: The Last Stand. I wonder what's in store for the X-Force movie—especially now that Disney has officially acquired Fox.

Deadpool 2 is now available on digital.

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