Deleted Clone Wars Scene Explains How Boba Fett Got The Dent On His Helmet

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Image Source: Star Wars Explained/Youtube

Hardcore Star Wars fans will know that Boba Fett infamously has a dent on his helmet, and last Star Wars Celebration, it turns out that Clone Wars was supposed to tell the story of how it transpired. Star Wars Explained delves deep into the topic on Youtube:

It's interesting how they were able to make Cad Bane one of the characters responsible for something that's so essential to the Boba's look. Cad Bane was a character initially conceived in the Clone Wars, and as it turns out, it was George Lucas' idea to have him be the one responsible for Boba's dented helmet.


Of course, the show was cancelled, but we could've gotten to see Boba wearing his trademark armor. After the death of his father, he had been plotting his revenge on Mace Windu himself, and he has found friends in the bounty hunter underworld with the likes of Bossk and Aurra Sing.

Hopefully Fett makes an appearance in the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels which is set to come out fall of this year.

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