Death Stranding Will Not Be Exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2018

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Just recently Hideo Kojima had been teasing Death Stranding for Tokyo Game Show 2018, and a lot of people were convinced that there was going to be a huge panel, and maybe even a playable demo. As it turns out, Koji-Pro had admitted that they cannot showcase Death Stranding for TGS 2018.

Here's the announcement:

This must be a disappointment for some fans, since Death Stranding has come out to be one of the most anticipated games of the year. We don't have any reasons on why the panel has been cancelled, but it's possible that the studio still wants to polish up the game a bit more. There are also a lot of well-known actors being promised for the panel, so I'm guessing some of them just couldn't make it.


Hopefully we get some specifics soon.

If anything, Kojima Productions will still hold a stage show at the Kojima Productions Store. There's also some exclusive merch that you can get your hands on like a Death Stranding card as well as a Nendoroid of the Kojima Productions mascot.

The Tokyo Game Show 2018 runs from Sept. 20–Sept. 23.

No official release date has been announced for Death Stranding.

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