08 Feb 2016 9:09 PM +00:00 UTC

Death Note 2016 Main Cast Revealed

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

After months with no updates on Death Note 2016, its main cast have finally been revealed.

Death Note 2016 is an official sequel to 2006's two-part Death Note movies based on the hit manga and anime series of the same name created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. It takes place 10 years following the first two films and will revolve around crimes in the cyber world which include a "Kira computer virus."


This time, the shinigamis / Death Gods wreak havoc once again when they release multiple Death Notes upon Earth, six to be exact since it's the maximum. However, a new and special Death Note Task Force is bent on finding out and taking down the owners of the Death Notes.

According to Warner Bros. via Rocket News, Death Note 2016 main cast include the following actors:

Playing central character Tsukuru Mishima is Masahiro Higashide. His character is one of the agents in the task force with an obsession on Light's killings and the Death Notes themselves.

Playing international detective "Ryuzaki" is Sosuke Ikematsu. Together with Mishima in the Death Note Task Force, Ryuzaki is apparently the successor of L skill-wise as well as gene-wise.

Playing a psycho cyber-terrorist Yūki Shien is Masaki Suda. He reveres Kira and using his remarkable hacking abilities, he obsessively searches for the Death Notes.

The 2006 films became blockbuster hits, and one of the reasons is fans' reception of Tatsuya Fujiwara's portrayal of Light Yagami/Kira and Kenichi Matsuyama's take on L. I'm not sure how the new characters and actors will bring to life the new Death Note film, but judging by the plot alone, it seems like a unique and interesting continuation of the prequels.

There remains no official release date for Death Note 2016.


Check out the short trailer released last year: