Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds' Mom Drops the F-Bomb on Chris Hemsworth in Viral Video

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Credit: Marvel Studios

It's no secret how Ryan Reynolds has fully embraced the gift of being Deadpool even outside of the Marvel realm and as we've seen over the last couple of years, Reynolds has become so in-sync with the character, we don't know anymore if he's just being himself or he's still acting like Wade Wilson. The Canadian actor is seemingly taking a break from his wacky celebrity feud with Hugh Jackman to divert his attention to fellow Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth.

This time around, Ryan has recruited his mom Tammy to do the dirty work for him. In a video Reynolds posted on his Twitter account, the Green Lantern actor instructed his mom to talk trash to Hemsworth whom he describes as "everyone's least-favorite Australian". Things get a little ugly though and in true Ryan Reynolds fashion, Tammy drops a series of F-bombs on the Thor actor.

In the end, Tammy apologizes to Hemsworth for her son's erratic behavior but not without taking one final jab at the Australian actor, "mistakenly" referring to him as Chris Pine. She ends the video by saying: "I loved you in Wonder Woman! It was the best." Check out the hilarious clip below:

Of course, there's no serious beef between the two actors who could end up sharing the screen in the MCU somewhere down the line. We're still quite unsure when Mr. Pool joins the franchise but here's to hoping he gets to share a hilarious banter with the God of Thunder who has easily become one of the MCU's funniest dudes.

Speaking of, Thor: Love and Thunder will hit cinemas in 2022.

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