Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Makes Fun of Justice League's Moustache Problems

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Ryan Reynolds isn't above making fun of Marvel or DC movies, though he has taken more shots at the latter due to Deadpool being a property of the former. In Deadpool 2, he shot himself before he decided to take the Green Lantern script and now he's making fun of the whole mustache-gate fiasco that plagued Justice League and made the usually handsome Henry Cavill an abomination to mankind due to the CGI trying to block his upper lip.

On his latest ad for Aviation Gin, Reynolds takes a shot at Justice League by asking fans if his alcoholic drink makes you "feel like a superhero." He says this with a mustache before taking a sip, seemingly removing his stache before revealing that it's actually just CGI. It's a cute bit and one that even DC fans will laugh at, assuming they aren't rolling their eyes over how dated this joke is.

Granted, it's not like Justice League has any defenders out there. While not horrible, the movie tried too hard to please the masses and critics but ended up being an average mess that no one liked. There were a couple of decent moments but it's clear that we would have preferred the film Zack Snyder actually wanted to make.


With reports of Deadpool 3 being in development under Marvel and Disney, it looks like the R-rated hero is going to find a new lease on life. Hopefully, he does so under the expense of Disney and makes a ton of jokes about the corporation.

Justice League is now available on Blu-ray and DVD but you shouldn't buy it.

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