Deadpool Movie Costume Not Allowed to Appear in Marvel Comics

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Next month's Deadpool 2 is going to be huge, expanding on the first film and adding a ton of new characters like Cable and X-Force. One would assume that Marvel Comics would try and use the comics to hype up the character. For the most part, they are, with various graphic novel collections of the character coming out.

However, it turns out that they won't be allowing artists to draw the character's costume from the movie. This is a bit baffling since it looks so much like the anti-hero's original costume.

Reilly Brown, an artist who has had plenty of experience with Deadpool, shared a fun story on Instagram about not being able to draw Wade Wilson's movie costume in the comics. Brown found this out when he drew an arc about Deadpool volunteering to be an extra for his movie. This lead to him drawing Deadpool in his movie outfit and Marvel disapproved.

Interestingly enough, it was also revealed that he couldn't draw Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds either. This is related to the arc mentioned previously and Brown had to add a mustache to the drawing.

Deadpool 2 comes out on May 18.

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