Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer Unveils an Exciting Thanos Easter Egg

Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer
Credit: Marvel Studios

Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer
Credit: Marvel Studios

The latest trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine contains a surprising easter egg for Marvel fans: a cameo by Thanos' Q ships from Avengers: Infinity War. As Deadpool and Wolverine's minivan cruises through the Marvel wasteland, eagle-eyed viewers spotted these iconic vessels.

The vessels are now under the control of Alioth. Speculation abounds whether these ships were left over from the invasion or were pruned before the fateful events on Titan.

This isn't the first time that the remnants of Thanos and the Black Order have appeared in The Void. Fans may recall the Thanoscopter from Loki Season 1, initially seen as a fun nod but now part of a broader pattern of references.

Deadpool and Wolverine pushes the reference game even further, with nods to Ant-Man's skeleton fortress, the towering 20th Century Fox logo in The Void, and even some of the older X-Men characters.

Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer Sparks Speculations on Marvel Characters Who Might Join Avengers 5

With Deadpool and Wolverine generating buzz alongside anticipation for Avengers 5, fans speculate on which characters will be included in the next Marvel team-up.

Could Thanos make a surprise return? Josh Brolin, the actor who played Thanos hinted at the possibility during the promotion of Dune Part Two. He suggested that he heard whispers of Thanos coming back in some way.

In an interview with, Brolin stated. "You know, I hear kind of like through the grapevine, that they're gonna bring him back and there's the What If...? series and that's a different kind of Thanos and all that. But I don't know in the Marvel world whether they're going to bring him back, but I didn't know that he was the most killed-off Marvel villain. You learn something new every day."

Amidst the swirling rumors about the direction of Avengers 5, Marvel may be considering a significant shift. One prevalent speculation suggests that the studio might opt for a lineup of multiple villains in the next team-up.

If that is the case, who could be a more enticing draw for audiences than Brolin's iconic antagonist? While the Marvel Universe has likely moved beyond the era of the Infinity Stones, pitting this formidable villain against the new generation of heroes would instantly raise the stakes and add a thrilling dimension to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What do you think of the Thanos easter egg included in the Deadpool and Wolverine trailer?

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