Deadpool and Free Guy Star Ryan Reynolds Says Hugh Jackman is a Fraud

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It looks like Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and Logan actor Hugh Jackman are fighting on social media again despite their promise to hold up a "truce" earlier this year.

This week, the best friend celebrities have been busy throwing shade at each other after the trailer for Reynold's new science fiction action-comedy movie Free Guy finally made its way online. Reynolds and Jackman have been taking turns making jabs using the poster for Free Guy as a way of poking fun at each other.

Today, Reynolds has decided to step up his game by calling out his celebrity frenemy in his home turf. The Deadpool star decided to appear on television in Australia just so that he could throw shade at Jackman.


Reynolds just recently appeared on the Today Show Australiathis Thursday to help promote his new movie on Netflix, 6 Underground by Michael Bay, and during the interview, the Deadpool star was asked about his relationship with Jackman.

The two might have shared a friendship for years, but they're also known for pranking each other, and so it doesn't really surprise us when Reynolds calls the X-Men actor a fraud.

"He's just an evil person," joked Reynolds. "I mean, you guys have all been duped. You think he's this benevolent ambassador to your country. People don't realize he's from Winnipeg, Canada."

"Truth hurts sometimes," the actor went on, "It makes your eyes water. Hugh Jackman's a fraud!"

It's a hilarious bit, really. Reynolds and Jackman just can't stop poking fun at each other even if they don't have any shared project to promote. It's as if the two just love trolling each other online.

Free Guy is set to release on July 3, 2020. Meanwhile, 6 Underground lands on Netflix on December 13, 2019.

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