Deadpool 3: Zazie Beetz Plays Coy on Whether She Will Return as Domino

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Marvel fans are looking forward to Deadpool 3 as it would mark the return of Ryan Reynolds as our favorite mercenary and, most especially, he is going to be part of the MCU where it is expected that they will retain its tone and nature despite the changing of studios. A lot are now wondering if some of the supporting characters from the first two films will also be returning. Now, one of them has chimed in on the conversation.

Speaking to Variety during the red carpet premiere of the third season of Atlanta, Zazie Beetz, who played Domino in Deadpool 2, was asked if she knows anything about the possibility of the character returning in the third film. The actress played coy with her response by simply saying, "I heard Deadpool 3 has a director," before looking at the camera and iterating, "I have heard that."

You can check the clip below:

It is hard to tell how we can interpret Beetz's response whether she knows that she will be reprising the role of Domino in Deadpool 3. It's either she has been approached by Marvel or she is still waiting for the call. After all, the film is still in earlier stages and is not expected to start production until at least next year. Perhaps the team is still figuring out the direction of the film.

A lot of fans would be happy to see Domino in the third film since she was the breakout star of Deadpool 2. With all the multiverse shenanigans that are happening right now in the MCU, there is a way for them to put the supporting characters such as Domino, Cable, Vanessa, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the MCU. Let's just wait and see if Beetz will eventually make her return to Marvel soon.

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There is no release window set yet for Deadpool 3, but it is likely that production will begin next year.

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