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Deadpool 2's Ryan Reynolds Has Never Seen the Final Cut of Green Lantern

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Everyone seems to remember how bad Green Lantern was, including Ryan Reynolds himself. It must have been somewhat gratifying for Reynolds to rip on that role during the first Deadpool film. Now that fans are excited about this month's Deadpool 2, they might be surprised - or not too surprised - to know that Reynolds has not seen the final cut of Green Lantern.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Reynolds was very careful with how he discussed the Green Lantern movie. While he didn't see the final cut, Reynolds made it clear that he doesn't always watch the films he's in, whether they're critically acclaimed or poorly received. He didn't say anything negative about the film surprisingly and he even said that the jokes made in Deadpool were done for fun.

It's kind of nice seeing Reynolds be a bit diplomatic, even though everyone knows that the Green Lantern movie wasn't great. The effects weren't great, the story wasn't well paced, and the only good thing about it was that Ryan Reynolds met future wife Blake Lively here. If there is any DC movie that needs to be rebooted it's Green Lantern.

Deadpool 2 will hit theaters on May 18. Green Lantern is available now on various outlets, though it isn't worth watching.

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