Deadpool 2 Star Teases Possible Spin-Off Featuring Shatterstar

There is little doubt that people were hoping for big things when it was revealed that Deadpool 2 would feature Wade Wilson working with X-Force. Unfortunately, the team didn't exactly last very long in the film. Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped Lewis Tan from teasing a possible spin-off that would feature his character Shatterstar.

Tan is currently promoting his new sci-fi short film Ji but he also spoke to ComicBookMovie about his brief cameo in Deadpool 2. Interestingly, the Wu Assassins star revealed that he wasn't aware that Shatterstar would be killed off right away.

"When I signed on it was fairly hidden from me what was going to happen," Tan said. He then added that although the truth was eventually revealed, it didn't dissuade him from the project since he was looking forward to being in a movie with Ryan Reynolds and director David Leitch.

"Once I found out I was still excited. Working with Ryan and Dave was such a good experience and I love the characters [of] both Deadpool and Shatterstar," Tan said. Interestingly, he also admitted that he is still interested in doing more movies as the mutant and even pitched his idea for a spin-off.

"Of course, now I fell in love with playing him and would love to do a spinoff where we can explore Mojoworld in a Mad Max meets Gladiator type of way, that would be a dream," Tan said

This sounds like a great idea that would mean Shatterstar would be in his element in his own planet Mojoworld. We're just hoping that Marvel Studios considers Tan's pitch.

We may have to wait a little longer for the Shatterstar project. In the meantime, you can watch Tan in action in Ji in the video above.

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