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DC'S Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Reportedly Delayed

It is a sad opening of the year for DC fans as Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is delayed until 2023. The game’s development has been ‘quietly delayed’ and according to Bloomberg, the game might be available for PS5 in 2023.

The game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League was first announced in 2020. The original release date in the bio of the game’s official Twitter page says that it will be available for 2022. But according to Bloomberg, in a previous tweet from WarnerMedia’s CEO consisting of the game lineups, Kill The Justice League wasn’t one of them.

The first teaser of the Kill The Justice League was released in late 2021; on DC fandom 2021 and from there we saw a live-action trailer that includes Harley Quinn, King Shark, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang as the main characters.

Rocksteady is the studio behind Batman: Arkham Trilogy and Kill The Justice League is their latest project. The game is reportedly a single-player or co-op multiplayer game that allows players to collaborate with one another to defeat an evil corrupted Justice League including an evil Superman.

Players can also choose characters and customize them freely using unique abilities and weapons.

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Yes, it's a big disappointment especially for DC fans and to the gaming industry. Especially after what we saw from the teaser that the game looks really done and will push through 2022. But whatever the issues they are trying to fix, we are hoping that it would give the gameplay experience the best.

We haven’t heard any comment from Warner Bros. Yet but they won’t let the fans be disappointed much more. There are still 2 DC games that are expected to be released this 2022; Gotham Knights and Hogwarts Legacy that both have been ironically delayed.

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