DC’s New Gotham High Comic was Actually a Cancelled Cartoon

The end of March had DC announcing a new comic called Gotham High with Batman characters being brought into a high school setting. Needless to say, reception has been overwhelmingly negative when it comes to the comic; but did you know that it was originally supposed to be a cartoon?

Check this out:

We don't know when this show would've come out, but it was probably set to release after The Batman animated series which ended in 2008. The series would have had Bruce Wayne and his rogues gallery in high school, and they would have been navigating the complications of growing up.

The show basically took Batman characters and wrote them into teen stereotypes. Joker would have been the ‘class clown' with Riddler being a nerd that was bullied by the jocks (Killer Croc and Bane). They classified Scarecrow as a ‘punk' and had Harvey Dent running for student council president.

Like I said, the show was never picked up, but now it looks like it's found new life in the form of this Gotham High comic. If anything, it kind of grounds the story a bit more, and the main focus is that of Catwoman in a love triangle with Bruce Wayne and… the Joker. No doubt other Gotham regulars are going to be appearing as teens in this story as well.

As it stands, the reception of the video is negative, and it currently has 2.1k likes versus 24k dislikes. While it's not my cup of tea, I can imagine that there's a group of kids who may like this story. I mean, if Riverdale has fans, they would probably like this take on the Dark Knight.

Gotham High #1 is now available.

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