DC’s Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millenium Comic Series To Introduce President Super Girl

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Credit: Illustrated by: Jim Lee

DC Comics will release a new comic series featuring our all-time childhood favorites to save the world from the bad guys. Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millenium will introduce 31st-century superheroes, and one of them is President Supergirl.

A report from Screen Rant said that President Supergirl has already been revealed in the first few pages of the comic series' first issue. She's an elderly version of Supergirl—stronger and more powerful. From the snippets, President Supergirl is wearing the same iconic suit, but her hair is much shorter. The elderly version of Supergirl is into bob cuts now.

The production of the comic series will be headed by writer Brian Michael Bendis and illustrator Jim Lee. While Lee revealed the sample illustrations, Bendis introduced the role of President Supergirl in the Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millenium, "By the time the character literally walks up to the Legion at the end of the Millennium [President Supergirl] has with her an astounding amount of information and inspiration to give them, which is different from past Legion stories."

Bendis and Lee will finish the first part of the Millennium relaunch with immense help from DC's team of artists, including André Lima Araújo and Dustin Nguyen. The comic series is set on a new timeline in the far future. It will take all comic lovers into a new era 1,000 years ahead from the DC Universe we know today.

The Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 is set for release on September 4. Meanwhile, the second volume will hit the shelves in October with illustrations from Nicola Scott, Jim Cheung, Jeff Dekal, and Ryan Sook.

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