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DC's Future State Trailer Introduces Us to New Version of the Trinity

Credit: DC Comics

The fate of the DC Universe hangs in the balance in the comic book giant's upcoming crossover event titled Future State. We've covered this one previously on this site and as the title suggests, Future State will be a two-month event set to introduce new iterations of our favorite DC characters, with all the action taking place in the year 2030.

Future State will still be lead by DC's iconic Trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, only this time, their mantles will be taken on by heroes from a different time. Not only that, but the comic book spectacle will introduce fans to several iterations of our beloved characters like the two Wonder Women — Nubia and Yara Flor and so much more. The comic's first issue will be hitting stores on January 5, 2021, spinning out of the epic conclusion of Dark Nights: Death Metal #7, and will carry over across multiple DC titles like Justice League and Teen Titans.

The comic book giant just released the official trailer for Future State and it'll surely get you hyped for 2021. "Welcome to DC Future State, a two-month extravaganza that reveals what lays in store for the World's Greatest Heroes," the trailer's description reads. "DC Future State will take you on a journey from the near future to the end of time to witness the destinies of heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Justice League, the Teen Titans, and so many more."

Like I've mentioned before, this new vibrant take on DC's iconic characters is a significant step in shaking things up in the world of comic books. The crossover event's success could play a vital role in shaping up the entire DC Universe moving forward. I mean, they can't rely on the original Trinity over and over again and it's a smart move to cash-in on new characters. After all, stories about the future have been a hit amongst fans in the past. I don't see how this one wouldn't work.

Before Future State unfolds, DC is also set to release another crossover event called Endless Winter which kicks off this month.

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Credit: DC Comics