DCeased Hardcover Gets Horror-Filled Pre-Order Trailer

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DCeased has been one of the better comics from DC this year, giving us an alternate universe where a disease is turning people into zombies, including the superheroes and supervillains. It has managed to be action-packed, hilarious, and also heartbreaking, making it the perfect comic for those that enjoyed writer Tom Taylor's previous work with Injustice. Fans interested in the series or just want a new way of reading it will be happy to know that the DCeased hardcover is coming soon and is now available for pre-order.

Halloween fans are probably disappointed about the DCeased collected edition coming out later this month, rather than a few days ago during Halloween. Then again, DCeased #6 literally came out a few days ago so I'll assume that there wasn't enough time to finish the series and rush out the graphic novel.


If you're curious about the comic, here's the official synopsis from DC Comics:

Written by Tom Taylor (INJUSTICE 2, SUICIDE SQUAD), with art by Trevor Hairsine and Stefano Gaudiano, DCeased pits the World's Greatest Super-Heroes against a techno-virus that turns people into mindless, homicidal creatures of destruction. What's worse is that none of the DC heroes are immune to this infection and are caught completely off guard by this new threat. If the world ends, what happens to our heroes?

Considering how good Tom Taylor's track record is, with comics like Injustice and All-New Wolverine under his belt, fans shouldn't have to worry about the quality of DCeased. Fans will be able to pick the graphic novel up on November 20 in comic book stores and November 26 in major book outlets.

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