DC Universe's Swamp Thing Rights Have Been Acquired by The CW

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Many tears were shed when DC Universe's Swamp Thing was canceled since many felt that it was starting to get good and could vastly improve in the future. Sadly, its first season was cut short and was canceled sometime after the first critically-acclaimed episode came out. Well, it looks like our iconic horror character will be coming back to television soon since The CW has purchased the broadcast rights of this canceled show.

Variety claims that with this, The CW will be able to air the first and only season of Swamp Thing. Fans are eagerly hoping that this will lead to an increase in viewership and lead to some sort of revival or, at the very least, an appearance in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Swamp Thing is usually synonymous with John Constantine so their inevitable meet-up should get us talking.

Considering how The CW already shares broadcast rights to air Stargirl, this looks like it's going to be a trend seeing existing DC shows make their way to this network. While a full-on revival for Swamp Thing hasn't been discussed, keep in mind that it was The CW that basically revived Supergirl and made it a viable series.

While the writing for these shows will never be top-tier, it is nice seeing a company be so dedicated to airing DC serials that. It's clear Arrow wasn't a senseless sacrifice since we have even more shows to enjoy from the studio now. Here's hoping that Swamp Thing Season 2 is one of them.

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