DC Universe's Stargirl Gets Delayed For Some Non-Coronavirus Reason

Stargirl has been one of the most hyped DC Universe shows, which is saying a lot since the streaming service is home to Titans and Harley Quinn. Aside from showing off the title character, this show was also meant to showcase the Justice Society of America aka the JSA. Sadly, it looks like DC fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer since a Stargirl delay has been announced.

Thankfully, it's not that big a delay and doesn't even involve the Coronavirus (as far as we know).

In an odd bit of news, Stargirl will not hit its original May 11 release but will make it in time for a May 18 one. That's literally one week away from its original release date so we have to wonder why a change like this was made. May is still two months away after all and we're sure that a number of people would have been down with watching the series.

Then again, with several CW-DC shows having their episodes delayed due to these troubling times, that could have been the main culprit as to why the Stargirl debut was delayed. After all, Stargirl is supposed to debut on the television network one day after it appears on DC Universe so we can only assume that this is the main reason.

Fans who are interested in Stargirl will have to wait a week longer than its original debut date. DC Universe's Stargirl will now debut on May 18.

Via Newsarama

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