DC Universe's Harley Quinn Won't Pair Her Up With Poison Ivy Right Away

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While it hasn't come out yet, DC Universe's Harley Quinn animated series has garnered a lot of advanced praise from critics and media outlets, claiming that its a hilarious, feminist series that many DC fans will enjoy. Considering how popular Harley Quinn has gotten over the years, we are pretty happy to see her step out of the shadows of Batman and Joker to do something for herself, even if it's still a life of crime.

Of course, fans of Batman: The Animated Series and the long-running Harley Quinn comic from Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are hoping to see Harley and Poison Ivy together. Both of these characters have been shipped together for the longest time and the fact that they're finally together in the comics, albeit in an open relationship, is very nice.


However, during an interview with Newsarama, showrunner Patrick Schumacker gave a very good reason as to why they won't be featuring the two as a couple right away:

If you are patient, we may get around to that. We really wanted to spend the first season setting the table for the world of the show - setting up Ivy and Harley's friendship. Also as you were saying before, because it's a breakup story with Harley and the Joker we didn't want her to jump into a relationship immediately. It's not that there's not romance on the show amongst other characters, let's say, and it's not that it's not hinted at as a possibility. We do dangle that I think somewhat early in the show, but we don't get into those sorts of complications in the relationship until later.

This makes a ton of sense since they don't want the Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy romance to feel rushed or come out of nowhere. Plus, Harley is still finding herself and no one wants Ivy to just be a rebound for the clown princess of crime. Should the two end up together, here's hoping that it's done in a tasteful manner.

Harley Quinn is coming to DC Universe on November 29.

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