DC Universe's Harley Quinn Finally Gives Us the Kiss We've Been Waiting For

Ever since DC Universe announced a Harley Quinn animated series, fans have been dying to see her pair up with Poison Ivy since the two are an official couple in the comic books. The fact that this series began with a break-up between Harley and Joker meant that we could finally get our iconic LGBTQ couple so it was really something when the show finally gave us a taste of what we want.

After a prison riot and fighting with Bane, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy finally locked lips, which is something that shocked fans and the characters themselves. It's going to be a rocky road for these two before they eventually become official since Ivy is dating Kite Man (hell yeah!) and Harley has her own baggage after getting out of a relationship with The Clown Prince of Crime.

The show has been a favorite of comic book fans and DC viewers in general so having these two kiss each other is a long time coming. What should be interesting is the aftermath and see if these two end up together. As long as they don't do a story where Harley ends up with Joker again, fans won't mind if it takes a while before they become official in the show.

Harley Quinn airs weekly on DC Universe. The show is currently in its second season so fans can binge the first one, which is 13 episodes long.

Via ComicBook.com

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