DC Studios Confirms New Wonder Woman Project

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

The first half of the new DC Universe's debut chapter is already set in stone and while the involvement of characters like Superman and Batman comes as no surprise, it turns out that James Gunn and Peter Safran have temporarily excluded Wonder Woman from the picture, a move that raised a number of eyebrows within the fandom.

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Credit: WB

As it stands, we still don't know when the beloved hero will get reintroduced although Gunn confirmed that it won't be long before she gets inserted in the DCU's story. Now, the studio executive may have just confirmed that a new Wonder Woman project is in the works apart from the Paradise Lost spinoff which focuses on Themyscira.

Responding to a fan who pointed out how the Wonder Woman franchise has untapped potential that has yet to be explored outside the comics, DC Studios co-head James Gunn voiced out his concurrence with their sentiment and revealed that the studio is working on something, potentially an animated series led by Diana Prince.

Gunn simply replied: "Agreed. Working on it." Check it out below:

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Although it's just an animated series, it's still worth mentioning that DC Studios has long confirmed its plans of hiring the same set of actors for both live-action and animation, something that is unheard of. The real question is, will Gal Gadot remain as the franchise's Diana Prince or is she next on the chopping block? I guess only time will tell.

Speaking of the Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman is confirmed to be making a cameo appearance in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, hitting cinemas on March 17.

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