DC Reveals First Few Creative Team Members for Detective Comics #1000

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After DC's awesome celebration of Superman with Action Comics #1000, fans knew that the Dark Knight would be the next person to get a party with Detective Comics #1000. Confirmed for next year, expect Batman to get a similar celebration with a ton of creators and an 80-page comic. As fans start counting down the days until this milestone issue comes out, DC has revealed the first few creators of this comic book.

During the Toronto Fan Expo (via Bleeding Cool), DC said that the following creators would contribute to the anniversary issue; Scott Snyder, Jock, Greg Capullo, Tom King, and Jason Fabok. More creators will be announced soon but these ones are already stellar additions to the roster.

Snyder launched the New 52 Batman series with Greg Capullo, which many saw as the best of the lineup and an overall intriguing series that pushed the World's Greatest Detective to his limits. Jock worked with Snyder on an acclaimed run of Detective Comics with Dick Grayson in the cowl. Tom King needs no introduction, as the man has been writing the current (and controversial) Batman series since the start of DC's Rebirth era. Jason Fabok has worked on a number of DC Comics, including Justice League: The Darkseid War, and is currently drawing the Three Jokers series set up during DC Universe: Rebirth #1, which will be written by Geoff Johns.

Detective Comics #1000 is scheduled for a March 2019 release.

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