DC Releases Promo Art for Young Justice: Outsiders

It's been a long road for Young Justice fans but we are finally getting a third season on the DC Universe streaming service when it launches later this year. The series will be known as Young Justice: Outsiders, similar to how the second season was called Young Justice: Invasion, and the good people at DC have released some official promo art.

The promo art is fairly exciting since it features a ton of new characters, in addition to a few returning ones like Nightwing and Superboy. Metamorpho and Katana are some of the more recognizable new faces since they are original Outsiders members in the comics and have appeared in other forms of media. Katana, in particular, has appeared in Suicide Squad and Beware the Batman.

(DC Universe)

Some of the new characters are less familiar, though Lightning from the live-action Black Lightning series appears to be one of them. It will be interesting to see how these newer characters are integrated into the series and maybe even the comics.

What the promo art doesn't tell us is if we will see the aftermath of Wally West's disappearance from the second season. This is why fans desperately wanted a third season so that they can see what happened to him.

Young Justice: Outsiders will come out sometime this year, along with the DC Universe service.

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