DC Fans Think it Would Take More Than an Apology to Redeem Ezra Miller

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

Ezra Miller is finally acknowledging his erratic behavior that has been making headlines over the last two years. The star of DC's The Flash recently broke his silence and released a statement addressing all the controversies plaguing his personal and professional life.

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Credit: WB

In a statement the 29-year-old star released through Variety, Miller apologized for all the trouble his "past behavior" caused while assuring fans that he's committed to getting his life back together. The Justice League actor even revealed that he's been seeking professional help for his "complex mental health issues".

Despite Ezra's admission, fans are evidently not ready to forgive the troubled star and according to most of them, it would take more than a public apology to actually redeem him from his actions. On Twitter, fans reacted to the actor's official statement and unsurprisingly, they aren't buying it. Check out some of the tweets below:

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I mean, while it's a good sign that Ezra is finally coming to terms with his unacceptable behavior, I agree with the fandom's sentiment that his apology isn't enough. It's not like he didn't traumatize a good number of people because of his actions and his issues shouldn't be taken lightly.

Obviously, apart from taking accountability for his actions, he must take the time to reach out to his "victims" after his treatment is done and hopefully, everyone can be able to move on from the stress and trauma.

DC's The Flash is currently slated for a theatrical release on June 23, 2023.

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