DC Comics Decides to Limit Digital Releases Due to COVID-19

It looks like the novel coronavirus pandemic might have caused significant damage to the comic book industry because it looks like publishing houses have decided to make some major changes in their release strategies.

Last weekend, DC Comics announced that it would only be releasing a limited selection of comics beginning Wednesday, April 1, because of the outbreak of COVID-19.

Now, according to a report by ComicBook.com, DC has decided to make a shift in its release plan. The publishing company now intends to release mostly collections and digital-first issues like Batman: The Adventures Continue #1. These comics are going to be released on Wednesday. Single-issue comic book releases originally set for the same date are being pushed back to the last Wednesday of April on April 29.

DC's digital releases on ComiXology for this Wednesday has been limited to nine titles. Six of these offerings are collections.

These nine titles include the following:

Batman: Creature of the Night
Batman: The Adventures Continue #1
Doom Patrol: The Silver Age Vol. 2
Event Leviathan
Harley Quinn Vol. 4: The Final Trial
Justice League of America: The Nail: The Complete Collection
Justice League: Origin Deluxe Edition
Teen Titans Go! To Camp #6
gen:Lock #14

The titles being listed for release on April 29 are all single issues. This includes Batman #92, Harley Quinn #72, and Strange Adventures #2.

COVID-19 has certainly hurt the entertainment industry. We're hoping that comic book publications can deal with the current landscape of the industry.

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