An Aquaman Character Is Having A Baby In Latest Comic Issue

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Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics never fail to surprise its fans and readers, and this week's latest revelation will surely change everything for this well-loved DC hero since another bomb has just been dropped on Aquaman #49.

However, for those who haven't read the latest issue of Aquaman yet, you have been warned -- spoilers ahead!

Taking off from the last issue of Aquaman, Mother Shark offered Arthur a choice: whether to go back to his life with his important memories restored or gather more memories of his past, which comes with an even bigger risk to himself. Arthur chose the latter. He wanted to know more about the red-haired woman who seemed to have an important role in his life.


While Arthur and Mera are talking, Mera gives him some hints about their past and soon drops the bomb to Arthur in this page:

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Credit: DC Comics

With the Queen of Atlantis bearing a child, everything about Mera, Arthur, and Atlantis is sure to change its course from here on. The tension between the two characters' forbidden love, as well as the equally huge revelation from the last issue, that it was also Mera who had to kill Arthur, only continues to drive us in an emotional roller coaster every month.


Here's Aquaman #49's synopsis:

"The truth about how Aquaman lost his memory is finally revealed! But can Arthur handle the shocking truth? Whom will Queen Mera decide to marry? And how will Arthur escape the jaws of the terrifying Mother Shark? The tides of changes are upon us, and it all leads to next month's landmark AQUAMAN #50!"

Aquaman is written by Kelly DeConnick and illustrated by Viktor Bogdanovic.

Aquaman #49 is now available on comic book stores.

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