DC Bends the Knee to China by Removing 'Controversial' Batman Image

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First, it was Blizzard-Activision and the NBA, now it's DC Comics bending the knee to China after a "controversial image" from an upcoming Batman comic, Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, was removed from social media after upsetting Chinese audiences. The image supposedly looked like support for the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, which upset a lot of pro-Beijing fans.

Because supporting human rights is a crime, apparently.

One angry commenter from Weibo claimed that everything about the image "supports Hong Kong," from Batman's dark clothes, his mask, and the molotov cocktail, ignoring the fact that Batman has always worn black and a mask. This, as the gen-Z generation would call it, is an SMH (shaking my head) moment.

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Credit: DC Comics

Ironically, removing the image has angered other commenters from around the world, with one of them asking if "Batman loves money more than justice." While Batman does have plenty of money, we're pretty sure he would be doing the same thing if his parents were broke.

Since this is yet another company censoring its content to please the Chinese market, many are saddened over this development. The DC Comics Twitter is already blocked in China but, as usual, there are a lot of Chinese investors in Warner Bros, who own DC, so something like this was inevitable.

Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child from Frank Miller and Rafael Grampa will be coming to comic book stores on December 11. It will be a lengthy one-shot, costing $5.99.

Via Vanity Fair

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