DC Actor Takes Major Dig at Star Wars Franchise: 'Mindless Entertainment'

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

There's no denying that mega franchises have been dominating Hollywood for over a decade now. From Marvel to DC and even the Star Wars Universe, the world of entertainment has seemingly been run by blockbuster movies.

However, not everyone is thrilled with their existence, and believe it or not, not everyone in Tinseltown has their sights set on joining a major film and television franchise. In fact, one DC actor has recently expressed his disinterest in potentially becoming part of a galaxy far, far away and his comments will absolutely shock you.

The Flash Actor Michael Shannon Doesn't Find Star Wars Interesting Despite Previously Being Offered a Role

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Credit: WB

Speaking with Empire Magazine (via Digital Spy), Michael Shannon, who made his shocking return to the DC Universe in The Flash took a major dig at Star Wars. The actor was previously offered a role in Rian Johnson's supposed film but ultimately turned it down.

Now, he's explaining why he chose to stay away from Star Wars, saying that he doesn't want to take part in "mindless entertainment".

The General Zod actor explained: "I'm always a bit wary about those giant movies. Because they take a lot of time and I don't find them very stimulating to work on. I don't ever want to get stuck in a franchise. I don't find them interesting and I don't want to perpetuate them."

He continued: "If I'm making something, I want there to be some kind of purpose to it – I don't want to make mindless entertainment. The world doesn't need more mindless entertainment. We're inundated with it."

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It's a scathing remark for sure, especially coming from someone who's already starred in two films under the same franchise. Then again, Shannon has been quite critical of his own involvement in The Flash so I guess his sentiments are still somewhat genuine.

Hopefully, his view on franchises, in general, will change in the future because an actor like him would be a great fit for either Star Wars or the MCU.

Meanwhile, DC's The Flash is already screening in theaters everywhere.

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