David Thewlis Confirms Na'vi Role in Avatar 2

James Cameron's Avatar sequels have gathered quite the impressive cast members from Sigourney Weaver to Kate Winslet, and Wonder Woman actor David Thewlis is also playing a part. Though the movie is generally tight-lipped when it comes to the story, Thewlis has revealed he's actually playing a CG character in the film.

Talking to Games Radar, Thewlis explained:

"I am a Na'vi… I'm a blue thing in it – which I didn't quite understand when I went to meet [Cameron]. I was quite surprised when I got offered that. I'm fascinated to see how I'm going to look, because they sort of make them look a bit like oneself. It's fantastic!"

Thewlis didn't really explain anything about his Na'vi character, but I'm willing to bet he's another scientist that's interested in studying them, and that he also makes use of his own avatar. With Weaver returning as Grace, fans are expecting to have some flashback sequences in the film, and it's possible we can look at the humans researching the world of Pandora way before the events of the first film took place.

Of course, this is just a guess on my part. I'm just assuming with Thewlis usually typecast as a pasty British fellow, he could possibly be playing a scientist in this movie. If he's a Na'vi native, it would still be entirely plausible.

We don't know when Cameron plans to make a major reveal for Avatar 2, but the movie is expected to hit theaters Dec. 17, 2021.

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