David Tennant Wants a Role in Star Trek After Speaking With George Takei

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David Tennant continues to be one of the best actors around today and we're shocked that he hasn't done more movies, though that might just be him enjoying the land of television. The actor has thrived as the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who, made people fall in love with a rapist as Killgrave in Jessica Jones, and even impressed many as Scrooge McDuck in Disney's new Ducktales series.

It seems like he now wants a role in Star Trek, as a recent AMA he had on Reddit reveals that the actor is now fascinated with the franchise thanks to a conversation with Trek veteran George Takei.

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Credit: CBS

When asked about what franchise he would like to cross off his acting bucket list, Tennant mentioned that he really wants to be in Star Trek after the aforementioned conversation with Takei. The conversation happened in his podcast, David Tennant Does a Podcast With…, so check that out and try to find that episode.

Considering how many actors have made their career in Star Trek, we wouldn't be too surprised if Tennant eventually stars in one of the many shows for CBS Access. We're sure he would do well in Star Trek: Discovery or Strange New Worlds but Tennant also likes to do voice acting so he could easily star in Prodigy or Lower Decks. Honestly, the stars are the limit for David Tennant's acting trek.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 will be coming to CBS this October.

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