David Tennant Says He Should Have Married Good Omens Co-Star Michael Sheen

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Let's get one thing clear: We love David Tennant and his adorable relationship with his wife and former Doctor Who co-star Georgia Moffett. However, the Jessica Jones star has just teased on the possibility that he made a mistake and should have married Good Omens castmate Michael Sheen.

It all went down at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia, where Tennant was one of the special guests alongside Good Omens director Douglas MacKinnon. When Tennant was asked which actor he had the best acting chemistry with, he immediately confirmed that it was his wife. After all, he met Moffett on the set of the episode The Doctor's Daughter and they have been together ever since. However, Tennant also pointed out that he isn't so sure.

"I mean, I hope? Otherwise, I married the wrong person. Maybe I should've married Michael Sheen," he added.

Yep, he just went there. Although Sheen has been the one who regularly teases all those 'Ineffable Husbands' shippers, Tennant has joined in on the fun.

Of course, we know that Tennant is just kidding but one has to admit that his chemistry with Sheen on Good Omens was amazing. It would be great to see these two work together again sometime in the future. For now, fans can continue streaming the show on Amazon Prime.

Tennant is set to star in the police procedural series Criminal: UK which also features Avengers: Endgame actress Hayley Atwell. The show is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on September 20.

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