David Petersen's Mouse Guard Film Adds Mo-Cap Veteran Andy Serkis

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It looks like Andy Serkis will be doing another comic book movie. The Black Panther star has just been confirmed for 20th Century Fox's adaptation of David Petersen's Mouse Guard.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Serkis has been cast as the villainous Midnight in the film. In the comic books, Midnight starts out as a blacksmith for the Guards but he eventually steals the black axe and turns against his former allies.


Serkis isn't the only cast member that has been confirmed. Former Game of Thrones actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster will portray Lieam, the youngest member of the Guards who proves his importance and gains his colleagues' respect. Brodie-Sangster will be reunited with Maze Runner director Wes Ball, who will helm the comic book adaptation.

People shouldn't be surprised that Serkis is joining Mouse Guard. After all, the film will be shot using motion capture and you can't get a better star than Serkis. Needless to say, we are looking forward to the Lord of the Rings star doing his magic all over again in the movie.

The description for Mouse Guard reads as follows:

"Mouse Guard is set in a world of sentient mice who live in a medieval era, paralleling the same age in human history, though in their world there are no humans. Its stories revolve around a brotherhood of mice known as the 'Mouse Guard' who have sworn an oath to serve their fellow civilian mice in times of need, including making safe passage for them through the wilderness and protecting them from predators."

The film has not yet been given a release date. Nevertheless, production is expected to begin in May.

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