David Hasselhoff Hints At Involvement In New Knight Rider Reboot

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Credit: Marvel Entertainment

There's a Knight Rider reboot on the way and it looks like original star David Hasselhoff might be involved in the upcoming project.

Speaking in an interview with The Mirror, Hasselhoff decided to open up about the reasons why a previous series revival didn't happen after the one that came to fruition in 2008 (though the actor wasn't involved in the project).

"We talked about another series about eight to nine years ago," Hasselhoff explained to the publication, "But they wanted to do it without me."

Hasselhoff was Michael Knight in the original television series. Ever since then, he's been linked to the Knight Rider franchise.

While he didn't get any role in the 2008 Knight Rider revival, the actor's tried his best, pitching different ideas to the team.

"I even said I didn't have to be the lead," Hasselhoff said. "I didn't even need to be in it that much, I could cameo or something, but they didn't listen. I wanted to tell them what the morals behind Knight Rider were, the morals behind Baywatch and why they worked!"

Ultimately, the Knight Rider revival didn't really fair well with critics, with many complaining that the 2008 film wasn't as enjoyable as they'd hope to be.

Now, Hasselhoff teases another Knight Rider project soon. When asked if Knight Rider was going to make his way back soon, the actor told fans to stay tuned.

"I'm not supposed to say anything, but stay tuned. The Knight Rider will ride again!" Hasselhoff revealed.

We can't wait for the official announcement. We'll update fans as soon as we get word.

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